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Charlottesville-Albemarle in 3D

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20100810-Mall-longHelp put Charlottesville on the 3D Map, model our city in Google Earth!

Charlottesville Tomorrow wants you to help us build our community in Google Earth.  We can utilize 3-dimensional models to bring into focus our community infrastructure and the built environment.

It is often difficult to visually understand current and proposed land use conditions.  A complete 3-D model will document our community’s history and growth in a visual way, helping the public fully comprehend the built environment of our area.

However, modeling an entire city can be extremely time consuming process, which is why community participation in this project is essential.

Our goal is to model all of the urban areas of Charlottesville and Albemarle County in Google Earth.

To get the process started, as part of Charlottesville Tomorrow's Visualizing our Community Initiative we have begun some modeling efforts on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall and related to the community water supply.  Your venture into the modeling world can begin anywhere.

We are asking you to model a building in the community which is significant to you. It can be your home, business, or school. Help us accomplish the task of modeling Charlottesville! Getting started is fairly simple and the tools are free.

Modeling a building requires two computer programs, Google Earth and Google SketchUp, both of which can be downloaded from Google’s website. 

Once you have these applications, check out Charlottesville Tomorrow's building and submitting models page for guidance on the next steps.

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Support for visualizations produced by Charlottesville Tomorrow is provided by our generous donors, the Oakwood Foundation, and the Virginia Environmental Endowment.

Donate_white If you don't have an interest in building models yourself, you can support Charlottesville Tomorrow with a gift and we'll do the designing for you!

Examples available in the Google 3D warehouse

Model Info Model in 3D Warehouse

These buildings are now in Google Earth. Simply turn on 3D buildings and you can find them (or click image to download the model). See list of other local models in cvillepedia.

First Amendment Monument In Google 3D warehouse FirstAmend3D
Market Street Parking Garage In Google 3D warehouse MktStParking3D
Charlottesville City Hall In Google 3D warehouse CityHall3D
Upper Ragged Mountain Dam In Google 3D warehouse
Lower Ragged Mountain Dam In Google 3D warehouse
Observatory Hill Water Treatment Plant
In Google 3D warehouse
Model Info Model in 3D Warehouse

These models are concepts that can be downloaded from Google's 3D Warehouse and then viewed in Google Earth.

Lower Ragged Mountain Dam (2006 concept)
In Google 3D warehouse
Lower Ragged Mountain Dam (Norris concept) In Google 3D warehouse RM-Norris_x400
2011 Earthen Dam Concept for Lower Ragged Mountain Reservoir (+30 feet)
Slideshow on Flickr
Proposed Re-Store'N Station on U.S. 250 West near Crozet, VA

Slideshow on Flickr


In Google 3D warehouse


More models on the way...   Help us build Charlottesville in Google Earth! Make a donation, or add your own models with Google SketchUp