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July 05, 2009

cvillepedia story in Sunday's Daily Progress

Wiki-logo1 The Daily Progress published a story today about cvillepedia, the new community wiki hosted by Charlottesville Tomorrow.  We really appreciate their interest and hope the story motivates a lot of new users to sign-up and start contributing their knowledge to this collaborative project.  We welcome your feedback and ideas.

Brian Wheeler
Charlottesville Tomorrow

April 03, 2009

Charlottesville Tomorrow’s news headlines now available as an iPhone application

The free app was created during a December "unconference" held in downtown Charlottesville

Charlottesville Tomorrow is pleased to announce the launch of its very own “app” for the iPhone, which is now available for free in the iTunes store.

The software was developed as part of an iPhone “unconference” held in downtown Charlottesville in December 2008. Charlottesville Tomorrow was approached about serving as a test case to show developers how a simple application could be developed. In one day, the basic framework for the application was put together and uploaded to the store.

The application allows iPhone users to browse Charlottesville Tomorrow’s recent articles and to view the events listed in our calendar.

Michael Prichard with Willowtree Consulting said the application was developed using open source principles as a community service.

“We were looking for a local organization that really benefited our community,” Prichard said.  Charlottesville Tomorrow was perfect because the iPhone application was created by local developers and helps both Charlottesville Tomorrow and its readers.”

Prichard and his team have developed many other apps for the iPhone, including a parking garage locater called Spotasaurus and a medical contacts app called DocBook.

Prichard says the application will continue to be improved over the coming years as the iPhone continues to evolve. One future possibility might be the integration of Charlottesville Tomorrow’s audio and video podcasts. Anyone who wants to add their own features and share with the community are encouraged to do so.

“Add useful features and we will put it in the app,” Prichard said.

Sean Tubbs

August 15, 2007

Recognition for Charlottesville Tomorrow's Website

20070814cville_2Charlottesville Tomorrow would like to give a shout out to Nell Boeschenstein at C-Ville Weekly for recognizing our website in her "Best of C-Ville" round up in this week's issue. While I can't fathom how C-Ville can view cash proffers as a "snoozefest" topic (see page 15), the "development nerds" at Charlottesville Tomorrow are nonetheless honored to be recognized by a publication giving exceptional attention to land use and transportation issues in our community.  Thanks Nell and C-Ville Weekly!

"#5 Charlottesville Tomorrow is a development nerd's dream because it's a forum that encourages said nerds to get involved in the many and complicated development issues facing our area. And such involvement is exactly what the Charlottesville of tomorrow needs."

Brian Wheeler

July 30, 2007

Charlottesville Tomorrow releases results of public opinion research project

20070730surveycoverCharlottesville Tomorrow has completed a major non-partisan public opinion research project which included focus groups and a telephone survey to assess the views of voters related to Albemarle County’s rural countryside, community infrastructure, and satisfaction with local government leadership on these issues.

Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Survey 2007 indicates that voters in Albemarle County strongly believe the rural countryside is important to their quality of life.  Furthermore, there is strong agreement about many statements that describe how people feel about the rural countryside.

With respect to policy issues related to land use, infrastructure, taxation, transportation, and leadership, the survey results indicate:

  • There is strong public support for policies, like phasing or time based zoning, that would set a schedule for the rate of new development in Albemarle County’s rural areas.  77.8% of respondents indicated they would be likely or very likely to support such a policy.
  • 86.1% of respondents think the rate of new home construction in Albemarle’s rural countryside should be slower.
  • 81.4% of respondents indicated they support the use of tax dollars to purchase rural development rights if it would permanently protect the land with conservation easements.
  • 32.8% of respondents felt like local government was doing a very good or good job ensuring infrastructure was in place to support new development.  When asked about government’s efforts to have developers pay their fair share for infrastructure, 42.2% of respondents were satisfied.
  • 58.4% of respondents indicated they strongly or somewhat supported the land use taxation program.
  • 56.2% of respondents supported a modest increase in local taxes to support priority transportation projects.  When asked which tax they preferred, 54.8% of respondents offered support for either a gasoline tax or a sales tax.
  • 40% of respondents think citizens get an appropriate amount or a great deal of attention when they raise legitimate concerns about county growth, development, and transportation issues.
  • 57.2% of respondents indicated they were satisfied local government was making decisions that benefit the community as a whole.
  • 48.9% of respondents indicated satisfaction with government’s efforts to make decisions to protect the rural countryside.



      Charlottesville Tomorrow's Executive Director, Brian Wheeler, at the July 30, 2007 press conference

Charlottesville Tomorrow commissioned Interviewing Service of America (ISA) to conduct a telephone survey of registered voters in Albemarle County, Virginia.  Albemarle County voters were called by ISA during June 20-28, 2007 and randomly selected from a universe of 45,932 voters whose telephone numbers were identified in a phone match by Blaemire Communications.  The ISA telephone survey has a confidence rate of 95%, and a sampling error rate of ±3%.  A total of 1,045 interviews were completed with a participation rate of 27% and an incidence rate of 100%.  Respondents were asked twenty topical questions and nine demographic/qualifying questions in a survey that typically took 11 to 20 minutes to complete.  Additional information on the survey methodology can be found in the complete survey report.

Brian Wheeler

April 16, 2007

Sean Tubbs joins Charlottesville Tomorrow

I am pleased to announce that Sean Tubbs has joined the staff of Charlottesville Tomorrow as our first Program Officer.  Sean Tubbs is the founder of the Charlottesville Podcasting Network (CPN).  He joins Charlottesville Tomorrow after working as News Director at WNRN Public Radio and as a freelance reporter for WVTF Public Radio. 

Read the Media Release

Sean brings to our organization the combined talents of a professional journalist and a new media pioneer.  He is well known in the community for his work to make audio podcasts an essential source of local in-depth information and news.  Over the past two years, Charlottesville Tomorrow has used its website, e-mail alerts, podcasts, and blogs to provide information to the public about local growth and development issues.  With Sean's help on staff, I am looking forward to enhancing our coverage to make the information we share with our subscribers even more timely, comprehensive, and compelling.   

Click here to subscribe to Charlottesville Tomorrow's e-mail lists

Sean plans to maintain the Charlottesville Podcasting Network’s website as a home for feature audio stories on arts and entertainment and as a library of local radio interviews. A lot of Charlottesville Tomorrow’s stories are posted there as well as my weekly appearances with Coy Barefoot on WINA.  Sean’s volunteer efforts maintaining the CPN site and training people how to create their own podcasts are a phenomenal public service. 

You can reach Sean Tubbs at his new e-mail address as follows: stubbs @ cvilletomorrow.org

Brian Wheeler

June 30, 2006

New calendar resources

Trumba_150x36I just outfitted the Charlottesville Tomorrow website with new calendar software offered by a company named Trumba.  I am very impressed with their program.  It offers the following helpful features to people interested in tracking meetings and events:

  • The ability to receive alerts about calendar changes
  • An RSS feed of the meetings (Feed URL -- What is RSS?)
  • The ability to import appointments into MS Outlook

Please send me your feedback and let me know if you find this version of the calendar an improvement.  Brian Wheeler

March 28, 2006

A new Cville Tomorrow blog

Today Charlottesville Tomorrow has launched a second blog to keep track of the third-party news items we run across as we consume all the information we can find on land use, transportation, our water supply, community design issues, and local elections. 

Cville Tomorrow News

Instead of maintaining the brief article summaries (from Daily Progress, TV, Radio, C-Ville, Hook) on our website, we will now provide them as individual blog postings.  One advantage of this new approach is that you can get an RSS feed of these important news items related to growth and development issues.  If you are not familiar yet with RSS feeds and how they can help you digest all these blog postings in a timely fashion, Waldo Jaquith has an excellent primer here [Thanks to Waldo I have become addicted to my free Bloglines web page which is where I monitor the twenty-five blogs important to my blogosphere].

Charlottesville Tomorrow will continue to publish OUR exclusive meeting summaries, event reports, podcasts, and election information on our primary blog.

Charlottesville Tomorrow Weblog

Bottom line...

  • Blog #1 is content we generate (e.g. meeting summaries, podcasts)
  • Blog #2 is an aggregator of sorts for local news items related to our mission (e.g. Daily Progress articles)

Brian Wheeler

September 27, 2005

Who funds Charlottesville Tomorrow?

Logowhitesmall A question that came up at our launch event on September 15, 2005 about the source of funding for Charlottesville Tomorrow.  All of our significant donors have agreed to have their names displayed on the website.  That information can be found on the Donors page.  A link to this information has also been added on the About Us page.  Brian Wheeler

September 19, 2005

Coverage of Charlottesville Tomorrow's launch

There has been some discussion of Charlottesville Tomorrow's launch last week by local bloggers Larry Banner, Jim Duncan, and Waldo Jaquith

Also see the Daily Progress article by Jessica Kitchin.