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November 30, 2005

UVA-What will they build for a billion dollars?

I read with great interest an interview of David Neuman, Architect for the University of Virginia, in the current issue of the UVA Alumni News (I am Col '90).  What you will not see on the website, that is in the magazine, is a "growth chart" detailing all the projects David Neuman is orchestrating for the University.  So here is the list of the over $1 billion in construction projects coming to Charlottesville by 2011--the next six years.  See also this article from Inside UVA Online: "BOV plan seeks $1 billion in building over next six years."  Brian Wheeler

Name Cost Finish Date
Clark Hall Renovations $39.4 million May-03
Ivy/Emmet Parking Garage $15.7 million Nov-03
Aquatic & Fitness Center Addition $10.3 million Mar-04
Special Collections Library $26 million Nov-04
Observatory Hall Dining Hall $22 million Aug-05
Fayerweather Hall Renovation $7.7 million Feb-06
Arena/North Grounds Connector $129.8 million Jun-06
Wilsdorf Hall (nanotech research) $41.6 million Sep-06
Hospital Expansion and Renov. $89.6 million Aug-06
Cocke Hall Renovation $9 million Dec-06
Arts Grounds Parking Garage $10.6 million Aug-07
Ruffin Hall (studio art building) $16.7 million Oct-07
Varsity Hall Relocation & Renov. $5.2 million Sep-07
Rouss Hall Renovation &  Addition $57 million Feb-08
Heating Plant Envir. Upgrade $64.2 million Feb-08
Carter-Harrison Research Building $70.7 million Aug-08
Hereford Residence Hall New Dorm $12.6-14.7 million Nov-08
Alderman Road Residence Hall $12.6-14.7 million Nov-08
Nursing School Building $12 million 2008
Campbell Hall Additions & Renov. $10 million 2008
Clinical Cancer Center $70.7 million 2009
Medical Education Building $30 million 2009
Education School Building $37.2 million 2009
Center for the Arts $98 million 2010
South Lawn Project $110 million 2011

November 22, 2005

Charlottesville-Albemarle MPO Meeting

Officials discuss new roads, Albemarle Place, citizen involvementMpo

Members of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Metropolitan Planning Organization met on November 17th to discuss the transportation needs of the region. The MPO is a transportation decisionmaking group made up of Charlottesville and Albemarle representatives and Virginia Department of Transportation employees.

Major issues under discussion were the new "candidate projects" system for prioritizing road project funding, the new Albemarle Place development at the intersection of 29 North and Hydraulic Road, and improved communications with local citizens.

The meeting was chaired by David Brown, Mayor of Charlottesville.


Download MetropolitanPlanningOrganization20051116.mp3   

00:00 – 04:13 Introductions

04:13 – 08:31 Public comments

08:31 – 14:18 Transit: CTS and JAUNT

14:18 – 26:37 VDOT candidate projects for Six-year program

26:37 – 37:04 Can the eastern connector get I or primary funding?

37:04 – 43:30 Places29 update

43:30 – 1:10:08 Albemarle Place

1:10:08 – 1:10:45 Transportation Funding Options Report (deferred)

1:10:45 – 1:18:58 CHART committee membership

1:18:58 – 1:24:52 MPO public involvement guidelines

1:24:52 – 1:31:15 Transit issues with the county

1:31:15 – 1:32:46 Closing

November 18, 2005

Downtown Mall Crossing Hearing

Charlottesville Planning Commission hears public comment on second mall crossing

Business owners on the east end of Charlottesville's Downtown Mall recently created a petition to City Council calling for a new car crossing to replace the sixth and seventh street access, which was removed in the recent Downtown Mall expansion. On November 15th, the City Planning Commission called a public meeting on the issue. Local lawyer and planning commissioner Cheri Lewis chaired the meeting.

Ten downtown business owners spoke in favor of the project, arguing for a crossing at fifth street or fourth street. Five citizens at large spoke, many citing pedestrian safety as a concern.

According to the city staff's study, the proposed crossing would cost $900,000 to implement. Needed improvements to the second street crossing will be comparable in cost.

Planning commissioners felt they lacked enough information to make the right decision, and deferred the issue until next month's meeting.

The Daily Progress has coverage here.


Download CvillePlanningCommission20051115part1.mp3

  • 00:00 - 01:03 Introductions by acting chair Cheri Lewis
  • 01:03 - 12:03 Jim Tolbert’s staff report on the crossing
  • 12:03 - 19:27 Questions for Mr. Tolbert
  • 19:27 - 24:32 Cheri Lewis analyzes the staff report
  • 24:32 - 26:53 Questions on other downtown topics
  • 26:53 - 29:20 Questions about a crossing timetable
  • 29:20 - 1:18:33 Public comments

Download CvillePlanningCommission20051115part2.mp3

  • 00:00 - 02:45 Bill Lucy points out a lack of information
  • 02:45 - 7:27 Councilor Kevin Lynch comments
  • 7:27 - 15:08 Other Commissioners comment
  • 15:08 - 25:24 Bill Lucy discusses his own data on the Mall
  • 25:24 - 39:15 Further comments on lack of information
  • 39:15 - 39:51 Decision deferred

Charlottesville Tomorrow on Odeo (odeo/4344164867cde0e0)

November 10, 2005

County Road Priorities

County Board of Supervisors holds a Transportation Strategy Worksession

Do you know the difference between a "primary road" and a "secondary road?"  Primary roads are the roads numbered below 600 (e.g. Rt 22, Rt 20, Rt 29, Rt 240, Rt 250).  Secondary roads are everything numbered 600 and above (e.g. Jarman's Gap #691, Proffit Rd., #649).

Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors (BOS) held a transportation strategy worksession.  Staff made a presentation following up on the Board's action earlier this year to amend the County's transportation strategy to dedicate a portion of capital funds toward acceleration of secondary road projects in VDOT's Secondary Six Year Plan (SSYP).  In their presentation, staff recommended that two road improvement projects be accelerated: Jarman's Gap Road in Crozet and Georgetown Road between Hydraulic and Barracks.  These are projects VDOT has been slow to fund and the County is looking for ways to speed them up with local resources.  Proffit Road was also mentioned as a future project that could benefit from acceleration.

Jarman's Gap

  • VDOT public hearing on this project scheduled for March 2006
  • Current "advertisement date" for construction is December 2008

Georgetown Road

  • Citizens' information meeting to be held in March 2006
  • Current "advertisement date" for construction is December 2011 (date likely to change based on final engineering)

Staff also recommended:

  • Accelerated action on preliminary engineering for two NEW streets in the Crozet Master Plan: Eastern Avenue (between Routes 240 and 250) with a bridge at Lickinghole Creek and a new Main Street starting at Crozet Avenue.  The goal with both streets is to work with property owners to get alignment established and to complete engineering design of the bridge (current estimated cost is $6 million for the bridge)
  • Hiring of a transportation engineer to work on County staff serving as liaison to VDOT and to help manage construction efforts for the County's priority projects.

No action was taken by the BOS on these recommendations.  Staff stated they would come back to a future meeting with additional information for action by the Board.


  • November 15, 2005, County Planning Commission meeting. Worksession on Secondary Six Year Plan (SSYP).
  • November 16, 2005, MPO Policy Board Meeting at TJPDC offices, 401 East Water Street.  Reports will be made on Places29 and Albemarle Place development. Action is expected on recent report outlining options for transportation funding.
  • December 7, 2005, County Board of Supervisors discussion of Secondary Six Year Plan (SSYP).

Brian Wheeler

November 08, 2005

Places29 Public Workshop Report & Audio

Places29crowd_1On November 3, 2005, Albemarle County hosted a Places29 public workshop providing an important opportunity for residents to share their feedback on the future of the Route 29 North corridor.

Download updated draft of the

The public had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on three interim land use and transportation plans for the Route 29 North area.  Small groups evaluated the maps and provided suggestions reflecting what they think will work best for the future of this area of Albemarle County. [Note: Charlottesville Tomorrow will add links to these documents when available and place them in our Research Center]

In the workshop, the Places29 consultants:

  • Discussed an updated assessment of vehicle travel patterns on US 29N and their conclusion that "a single bypass won't resolve issues over US 29 North Corridor"
  • Discussed public transit as something that will be factored into their future transportation plans for review by community in early 2006
  • Discussed road interconnectivity around neighborhoods
  • Reported the region should expect a stable growth rate characterized by an increasing number of young households AND mature households (high growth rates among households aged 65+ from 1990-2005)
  • Presented three transportation scenarios developed by the consultants to "prime the pump" for public feedback.  The proposals showed various possibilities for the development of new road networks around US 29.  One scenario featured a western and eastern bypass (referred to as "long distance parallel routes") and the western route is based on the "Ruckersville Parkway" proposal (see Charlottesville Tomorrow's map)

In other presentations last week, the Places29 consultants:

  • Reported the preliminary projection that the County will support another 1 to 1.3 million square feet of new retail shopping centers over the next 10 years, in addition to what is in the works at Hollymead Town Center.  This estimate will be refined as part of the mater plan.  [As a point of reference, proposed developments Albemarle Place, Northtown Center, and North Pointe are projected to have over 1.3 million square feet of retail]
  • Reported the preliminary projection that the County needs another 5,000 housing units over the next 5 years, but with increased variety of housing types (i.e. less single family detached homes).  This estimate will be refined as part of the mater plan.  [As a point of reference, the County recently approved two developments, Belvedere Farms and Old Trail Village, which can have up to 3,000 housing units]

More information about Places29 is available on the County website.

Download Charlottesville Tomorrow's audio recording of this event
Download Places29Workshop20051103.mp3

  • 00:00 – 02:22 Introductions by Senior Planner Judy Wiegand
  • 02:22 – 04:49 Introductions by Phil Erickson with Community Design + Architecture
  • 04:40 – 06:51 Study area and agenda
  • 06:51 – 09:28 Open spaces
  • 09:28 – 11:05 Transportation
  • 11:05 – 15:38 Traffic patterns
  • 15:38 – 16:55 Transit
  • 16:55 – 18:45 Issues with connecting neighborhoods together
  • 18:45 – 20:31 Economic trends
  • 20:31 – 22:12 Shifts in population among age groups
  • 22:12 – 23:13 29 North: Our economic engine
  • 23:13 – 37:06 Neighborhood Model and districts
  • 37:06 – 46:28 Three sketch framework concepts
  • 46:28 – 47:14 Expanding/Shifting the Development Area Boundaries
  • 47:14 – 50:35 Ruckersville Parkway and Meadowcreek Parkway extended
  • 50:35 – 53:52 Instructions to participants
  • 53:52 – 54:56 Albemarle County Community Relations Manager Lee Catlin discusses future opportunities to give feedback
  • 54:56 – 56:10 Group 4 presents
  • 56:10 – 58:34 Group 6 presents
  • 58:34 – 1:00:00 Future steps discussed by Judy Wiegand
  • 1:00:00 – 1:01:50 Closing comments by Phil Erickson

November 02, 2005

Final 2005 Supervisor Candidate Forum

On November 2, 2005, the North Charlottesville Business Council held a candidate forum for the Board of Supervisors elections. The forum was moderated by Tim Hulbert of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce and recorded by Charlottesville Tomorrow at the Doubletree Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Participants included:

RIO DISTRICT Candidates: Gary Grant (R); Thomas Jakubowski (I); David Slutzky (D)
JACK JOUETT Candidate: Christian Schoenewald (R)

Mr. Hulbert began the forum by apologizing for the scheduling of the event during a time a Board of Supervisors meeting was taking place.  This prevented Dennis Rooker (I-Jack Jouett) from attending.  Sally Thomas (I-Samuel Miller) was not invited, according to Mr. Hulbert, because she is running unopposed.

Audio and transcripts of the previous four candidate forums and a voter guide are available on the Charlottesville Tomorrow Election Watch page. 

Brian Wheeler

Download 20051102-BOS-Forum.mp3

  • 00:00 – 04:01 Introductions by Tim Hulbert
  • 04:01 – 21:53 Opening statements
  • 21:53 – 30:23 U.S. 29: Five years from now, ten years from now, what should U.S. 29 look like from U.S. 250 to Ruckersville?
  • 30:23 – 33:27 Let’s assume for a minute that the Federal Government is willing to pay for the Western Bypass. Would you then support it?
  • 33:27 – 35:06 If $250 million of state money for a Western Bypass is too much, what about $50 million for an interchange at Hydraulic and Route 29?
  • 35:06 – 39:55 What specific measures would each candidate support to preserve the Rural Areas?
  • 39:55 – 43:53 If elected, would you support a traffic study to see if extending Townwood Drive (the road across from the Rock Store) to the intersection of Greenbrier Drive and 29 would improve the 29 and Hydraulic intersection?
  • 43:53 – 48:29 The National Ground Intelligence Center recently announced the addition of 750 new jobs. How would you intend to manage that growth for the next four years?.
  • 48:29 – 60:16 Closing statements