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November 10, 2005

County Road Priorities

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County Board of Supervisors holds a Transportation Strategy Worksession

Do you know the difference between a "primary road" and a "secondary road?"  Primary roads are the roads numbered below 600 (e.g. Rt 22, Rt 20, Rt 29, Rt 240, Rt 250).  Secondary roads are everything numbered 600 and above (e.g. Jarman's Gap #691, Proffit Rd., #649).

Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors (BOS) held a transportation strategy worksession.  Staff made a presentation following up on the Board's action earlier this year to amend the County's transportation strategy to dedicate a portion of capital funds toward acceleration of secondary road projects in VDOT's Secondary Six Year Plan (SSYP).  In their presentation, staff recommended that two road improvement projects be accelerated: Jarman's Gap Road in Crozet and Georgetown Road between Hydraulic and Barracks.  These are projects VDOT has been slow to fund and the County is looking for ways to speed them up with local resources.  Proffit Road was also mentioned as a future project that could benefit from acceleration.

Jarman's Gap

  • VDOT public hearing on this project scheduled for March 2006
  • Current "advertisement date" for construction is December 2008

Georgetown Road

  • Citizens' information meeting to be held in March 2006
  • Current "advertisement date" for construction is December 2011 (date likely to change based on final engineering)

Staff also recommended:

  • Accelerated action on preliminary engineering for two NEW streets in the Crozet Master Plan: Eastern Avenue (between Routes 240 and 250) with a bridge at Lickinghole Creek and a new Main Street starting at Crozet Avenue.  The goal with both streets is to work with property owners to get alignment established and to complete engineering design of the bridge (current estimated cost is $6 million for the bridge)
  • Hiring of a transportation engineer to work on County staff serving as liaison to VDOT and to help manage construction efforts for the County's priority projects.

No action was taken by the BOS on these recommendations.  Staff stated they would come back to a future meeting with additional information for action by the Board.


  • November 15, 2005, County Planning Commission meeting. Worksession on Secondary Six Year Plan (SSYP).
  • November 16, 2005, MPO Policy Board Meeting at TJPDC offices, 401 East Water Street.  Reports will be made on Places29 and Albemarle Place development. Action is expected on recent report outlining options for transportation funding.
  • December 7, 2005, County Board of Supervisors discussion of Secondary Six Year Plan (SSYP).

Brian Wheeler


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