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October 23, 2005

Candidate Interview: Dennis Rooker (Jack Jouett District)

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As part of Charlottesville Tomorrow's coverage of the 2005 County Board of Supervisor Elections, we interviewed each candidate to discuss topics related to quality growth and development.  Each candidate was asked the same 16 questions, only some of which were provided in advance.

Excerpts from these interviews will be included in our upcoming Voter Guide.  In the meantime, we are publishing the complete audio files and transcripts.  This will be as close to a fireside chat as you can get with the candidates before election day!  If you get to vote in a competitive race, these interviews may have just the information you need to help you make an informed vote.

Brian Wheeler

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Rooker_dennis Candidate: Dennis Rooker (I), Jack Jouett District

Download Rooker-interview.mp3
or Read Transcript

  • 00:00 – 01:27 Introduction by Brian Wheeler
  • 01:27 – 02:20 #1— Please describe your past political experience.
  • 02:20 – 03:21 #2— What makes you better qualified than your opponent?
  • 03:21 – 09:40 #3— What do you think is the best water supply source to meet the community’s needs? Would you support a pipeline to the James River?
  • 09:40 – 12:40 #4— Do you support the Rural Areas portion of the Comprehensive Plan? What new zoning ordinance strategies will protect the Rural Areas?
  • 12:40 – 17:04 #5— Consider the growth we see in Northern Virginia.  What mistakes have local governments made there and, if you are elected, what will you do differently here?
  • 17:04 – 19:31 #6— Goals of the “Neighborhood Model” form of development, a form intended for the County’s population centers, include interconnected neighborhoods and more compact, walkable communities with a mix of housing types that allow a larger population to live, work and shop in a smaller area. Do you support these goals of the Neighborhood Model for new development? 
  • 19:31 – 24:06 #7— One example of a significant Neighborhood Model project is Old Trail Village.  Do you think Old Trail will be quality growth for Crozet and Charlottesville-Albemarle? Will it provide affordable living choices and how will they remain affordable?
  • 24:06 – 26:05 #8— Our designated growth areas tell developers where we want them to build.  Should we also tell developers through zoning what form we want that development to take?  Why or why not?
  • 26:05 – 28:03 #9— What types of incentives should exist for developers to build in our designated growth areas?  Can you name some specific regulatory or financial examples? Should the development be required to conform with the Neighborhood Model?
  • 28:03 – 33:12 #10— Do you support construction of a Western US 29 bypass around Charlottesville on the currently proposed route or some other route?  Please explain why or why not and where another route might go.
  • 33:12 – 41:00 #11— Please describe any other transportation projects on the Route 29 North corridor that you would support to reduce congestion.
  • 41:00 – 46:22 #12— What are your overall transportation priorities?
  • 46:22 – 51:26 #13— What is your top priority for action by the Board of Supervisors if you are elected?
  • 51:26 – 52:54 #14— What are the greatest challenges facing the Albemarle County Planning Commission and what type of person will you nominate for a position on the Commission?
  • 52:54 – 57:13 #15— Do we have appropriate resources in County government to achieve the objectives in our comprehensive plan?  In what way, if any, do we need to make changes?  What impact will your recommendations have on staffing and the annual budget?
  • 57:13 – 57:39 #16— Have you received any endorsements yet that you would like to make the public aware of?


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