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September 27, 2005

Who funds Charlottesville Tomorrow?

Logowhitesmall A question that came up at our launch event on September 15, 2005 about the source of funding for Charlottesville Tomorrow.  All of our significant donors have agreed to have their names displayed on the website.  That information can be found on the Donors page.  A link to this information has also been added on the About Us page.  Brian Wheeler

Too much Jeffersonian Replication in UVA Architecture?

An article in today's C-Ville Weekly by UVA Architecture Professor Kenneth Schwartz got my attention.  The opinion piece is entitled "Architectural Integrity at UVA" and starts as follows: "The University of Virginia has pursued a timid, insecure and flawed approach to the design of its new buildings."  Professor Schwartz argues that the firing of a number of architects and landscape designers who step outside the frame of "Jeffersonian replication" is cause for alarm.

At the end of the article there was a link to another website called the UVA Architecture Forum.

That group introduces themselves as follows: "On September 7, 2005 a group of twenty-four faculty members from the University of Virginia, School of Architecture sent an open letter to the University Board of Visitors, the University Administration and the University Community that raised questions about the future of Jeffersonian architectural ideals on the University Grounds."

While they do not have a blog, you can review and submit items for discussion here:

Certainly UVA has a lot of projects in the pipeline that will impact our community.  These include new buildings around the hospital and a new performing arts complex at Emmett St. & Ivy Rd. What do you think of UVA's architectural direction?  Brian Wheeler

September 20, 2005

Ivy Landfill drainage system failing

John Yellig's cover story in today's Daily Progress details problems a the Ivy Landfill.

"An ongoing investigation by the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority has determined that the drainage system at the Ivy Landfill, closed in 1995, is failing. The amount of leachate - water that has pooled in pockets of the landfill - could be as much as 47 million gallons, a staggering amount that could cost Charlottesville and Albemarle County millions of dollars to remediate."

Brian Wheeler

September 19, 2005

Coverage of Charlottesville Tomorrow's launch

There has been some discussion of Charlottesville Tomorrow's launch last week by local bloggers Larry Banner, Jim Duncan, and Waldo Jaquith

Also see the Daily Progress article by Jessica Kitchin.

RWSA Schedules Oct. 27th Public Meeting on Water Supply

SqphotodamThe Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority (RWSA) announced today that they would hold a public outreach meeting on the local water supply plans on Thursday, October 27th, 6:30 pm at Monticello High School. RWSA staff will also be available starting at 5:30 pm for informal discussions with public.  This is the next opportunity for the public to voice their preference for a solution to our water supply needs.

The meeting will be facilitated by Becky Clay Christensen and will include:

  • Technical presentation of information by RWSA staff and consultants
  • Facilitated Public Discussion

You can learn more about the water supply issue, see an illustration of the current options, and take action to send a letter to our elected officials by visiting the Charlottesville Tomorrow website

Brian Wheeler

September 13, 2005

Suggest a topic for this Weblog

You can suggest a topic for the Charlottesville Tomorrow Weblog by sending Brian Wheeler an email or by adding a comment directly onto this post.

Charlottesville Oil Cleanup on Rt. 250W

P7270045smallestDavid Fitt, a Senior Hydrogeologist at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, notified Charlottesville Tomorrow today that he had recently approved the "Corrective Action Order" related to the cleanup of Charlottesville Oil's site just West of the Boar's Head Inn on Route 250.  Charlottesville Oil has until November 28, 2005 to remove about 1,000 tons of contaminated soil from the site.  As some of that soil is under the storage tanks, the Virginia DEQ expects the storage tanks to be removed as well, although that was not specifically required in the order.  Further, additional ground water monitoring wells will have to be installed to monitor water quality. 

Brian Wheeler